Natalia, hello. I have had problems with the thyroid gland for a long time - goiter, but the doctors did not prescribe the treatment, but said it was simple to be observed. They didn’t do a full examination either, they said to my request that it was no longer helpful, even in paid clinics. Now I have been diagnosed with PCM and cysts in the right breast and uterine myoma. Plus, colostrum is released from the left breast when pressed hard.

A friend advised to drink omega, axantantin and vitamins, because It helped her with FKM. Tell me if I will take it, if I have any complications. I'm afraid of it. Mom with mastopathy was prescribed only vitamins and that's all. Treatment has not yet been prescribed, they said just to be observed. I have already refused sweets because of the liver for half a year, I don’t eat buns and pastries


Thanks for the question! It is a fact to understand your hormonal health. And the question is not in the form of ownership of the clinic (state or private), but in a specialist, as you understand. A gynecologist and an endocrinologist in tandem will help you, perhaps in precisely such cases, Telemedicine will be useful. Your body and your friend's body are completely different, do not try on that treatment. Because vitamins also have their points of application for various diseases.

You yourself say that you have refused sweets because of the liver. This is a big deal! Add refined sugars, fats (refined vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sauces, etc.) to the list of restrictions. As for omega, you think correctly, most likely. I can not evaluate your diet on omega 3-6-9. The need for antioxidants and vitamins can only be assessed in the complaint complex + tests.