Enrique Iglesias does not miss bachelor life

Sofia Garbovskaya September 14, 2018

The times when Enrique Iglesias was seen with one girl, then with another, have long since sunk into oblivion. For 17 years he has been happy with Anna Kournikova, whom he calls the love of her life, and does not miss bachelor habits.

“Before meeting with Anna, I could not even imagine that I was capable of a long relationship with a girl. I used to have a lot of passions, but I didn't take any of them so seriously, ”admitted 43-year-old Enrique to the host of the Spanish morning show Un Nuevo Día. - I like my new life. Now, every day after work, I really hurry home to quickly see Anna and the children. Becoming a father, I began to understand my parents better. ”

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Enrique believes that the twins Nicholas and Lucy appeared very timely. "My children are difficult to entertain, but when I see a smile on their faces,then I feel really happy! I dream of becoming a good friend for them, especially when they are 12–15 years old, ”added Iglesias. Still, she and Anna are an amazing couple in the best sense: a tennis star and a sex symbol, who don’t need anyone to be happy except for each other.

“I need people only when I speak. And usually I prefer peace and quiet. I hate all kinds of parties, parties and things like that. I do very well without them, and Anna understands me in this. She is not at all from the category of glamorous beauties. With it you can safely go eat hamburgers or go hiking in the mountains. I know that I can always rely on her, and I really appreciate it, ”said Enrique in an interview a few years ago.