Do not find out! Details that changed outfits ...

Strength is in the details! Small details can make any thing exclusive, completely changing its appearance. How many tired dresses can be resurrected by adding a spicy collar, embroidery, slightly changing the cut, decorating the thing with a lace fabric ...

Here are collected ideas of stylish clothes alteration, which caused me genuine admiration and a desire to rummage in the closet. If you know how to sew and embroider at least a little, tinkering and needlework, the inspiration will surely come down! Admire the black dress, I found the same at home, I plan to revive it. And the collars! No words, just admiring sighs.

Making clothes with your own hands

A small light collar with beads! Magically combined with a sweater.

Embroidery - a great tool for the transformation of clothing!

Appliqué-sewing! I admire the fantasy of the master.

Unusual buttons or cufflinks completely change outfit!

How do you like the idea? In my opinion, great!

Incredibly brave design work!

In the tone of the collar can be decorated and sleeves.

Eyes-buttons! Very stylish.

Bright rework back dress!

Sleeves filled with flower petals ... Making such beauty is not at all difficult, but it looks superb.

Conversion of sweaters with the help of lace fabrics and frills! Look feminine, updated, original.

Being a needlewoman is a lucky ticket. How many things can you think of and bring to life! Ideas are simple, the performance is also simple with elementary skills, but the result ... I want a blouse with such sleeves!

Redesign of a black dress with the help of colored fabric inserts! This is brilliant ... It looks unusual, as if the world-famous designer was creating!

Here's how collars can change old, annoying dresses!

A fascinating giraffe!

A simple idea for a summer blouse.