Do I need a tachograph?

Few are aware of the existence of such a device as a tachograph. Those who are just beginning to engage in passenger and cargo commercial transportation are primarily concerned with the question of whether a tachograph is needed and what punishment is provided for its absence. The fact is that the installation of such a device is not cheap. In addition, it takes a lot of time to install it and to receive a special card on which the results of its work are recorded.

Until recently, installation was optional. What is the situation now?

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is a measuring device whose main objectives are:

  • providing permanent autonomous control over the movement of commercial vehicles;
  • providing objective control over the actions of the driver: the data of such a device can not be forged;
  • the punishment for a violation recorded by a tachograph is inevitable and the same for all drivers.

In short, this device is installed on the car to ensure that drivers do not recycle.The fact is that as fatigue accumulates, attention concentration decreases. Truck drivers often even fall asleep at the wheel. This is very dangerous, as it can lead to emergency situations and in this case not only the driver himself will receive harm, but also his passengers or other road users.

This device is manufactured according to international standards. Its interface is international - instead of letters and words it uses icons.

Each device is set a special card, which is issued to each driver individually. This card records all data on the movement of the vehicle in the mode of work and rest of the driver. These cards are issued by service centers authorized to perform these works by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Who should install a tachograph?

At the moment, tachographs are required to install all owners of vehicles of categories M2, M3, N2 and N3, engaged in commercial activities. If we are talking about regular flights, install such a device is optional.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Transport of December 14, 2011N 319, each owner must:

  • contact the service center;
  • install tachograph;
  • activate the device using a card;
  • pass the test of the accuracy of the device;
  • subject the device to sealing in order to prevent the possibility of unauthorized hacking of the device.

All these measures are designed to improve the safety of the transportation of passengers and goods, improve the safety of life and health of passengers during transportation, as well as strengthen control over the observance of normal operation by drivers.


The presence and correct operation of tachographs are monitored by traffic police officers. The absence of a tachograph is an administrative violation. If a tachograph is not installed on your vehicle, if it is not working or broken, or if it was used to detect the driver’s violation of the work and rest regime, you will face a fine of between one and three thousand rubles. The same penalty applies to drivers who do not have a card in the device. In this case, officials in such cases face a fine in the amount of from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles.