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Credit cards

Hello, please tell me how to stop getting into credit card debts?


Good afternoon!

Thank you for asking :)

First of all, it is necessary to understand why this situation is repeated from time to time. You have already exactly 100 times promised yourself to stop getting into debt on a credit card. It is possible that they even completely closed it with a bonus, but gradually: 500, 1000, 5000 rubles each again went into minus in full.

What do you buy by credit card?

Go to the Internet bank and see the statement. Where do you most often shop? What day of the week? What is your trigger for spending?

Perhaps this is a bad mood and a cup of coffee will delight you or a new blouse after a hard week. You deserve it;)

Find your triggers that make you spend money.

Understand your motives.

Also make a budget and write down, for example, how much you spend on clothes, beauty or gifts and stick to this amount.

If you don’t carry the word budget and savings, use a daily budget:

This is when you deduct all obligatory payments from your income (credit, utilities, telephone, garden payment ...) and divide the remaining amount by 30 days.

It turned out the amount you can spend per day and no matter what it will be: a trip in a taxi, buying groceries or you go for a massage, you have X rubles you spent them;)

By the way, you can, in parallel with the closing of a credit card, also accumulate 137800 rubles.