Couscous Salad with Marinated Tuna by Chef Mirko Dzago

At the Snaidero Design Award event, a colorful Live Cooking Show was held, during which the chef of the Syr restaurant Mirko Zago prepared a delicious dish: couscous salad with pickled tuna. Woman's Day is sharing a recipe.
The chef of the restaurant "Syr" Mirko Zag
The chef of the restaurant "Syr" Mirko Zag
Photo: Press archive

Couscous (wheat groats)


couscous (wheat grits) - 125 g,

dry saffron - 0.75 g,

vegetable broth - 125 g,

salt - 0,001 g

Cooking methodThe broth, salt, saffron are combined, brought to a boil and cooled to 60–70 degrees, injected with grits, stirred, infused for 10–15 minutes, pour in the remaining 1/3 of the broth.

Couscous with vegetables


couscous (wheat grits) - 140 g,

celery stalk cleansed. - 25 g

cucumbers of sv. - 25 g

tomatoes of sv. - 50 g

Sibulet onion - 3 g,

St. parsley, leaf - 1.5 g,

lemon st. - 14 g

olive oil - 17 g,

dill of sv. - 1.5 g

Cooking methodAll vegetables cut in cubes. Tomatoes are pre-blanched, peeled, cut into four parts, removed the core. Greens finely chopped, combine everything with ready-made couscous grits, seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil.

Tuna carpaccio


tuna (fillet without skin, bones) - 80 g, couscous with vegetables - 80 g, marinade for fish - 15 g

For the marinade (for 1 portion): lemon - 15 g,

salt - 2 g,

olive oil - 9 g,

oregano of sv. - 0.5 g,

chili pepper - 0.1 g,

chervl of sv. - 0.1 g,

cress of sv. - 1 g

sea ​​salt - 1 g,

lemon peel - 2 g,

lemon juice - 2 g,

celery, stem (leaf) - 1 g,

parsley (leaf) - 1 g,

salt, flakes - 1 g,

black pepper peas - 0.5 g

Cooking method:Cooking marinade for fishSalt is dissolved in lemon juice, oregano, pepper, olive oil are injected. Everything is mixed. Prepared fish fillet is laid out in a ready-made marinade and placed in a refrigerator. A ready-made couscous with vegetables is placed in a portion of a glass plate with 4 notches. Put the slices of marinated fish on top. The 1st cell is decorated with chervil, the 2nd - with watercress, the 3rd with parsley and celery leaves, the 4th - daikon.Pepper from the mill is poured into the space between the cells, tinder lemon zest, flakes of salt.