Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment


Teleangiectasia is the scientific name for rosacea. This disease is manifested at any age in the form of a vascular subcutaneous network on the face. These can be dilated capillaries, venules, or arterioles.

You need to reassure women in advance - this manifestation is not a disease. However, from an aesthetic point of view, these specks or stripes are not very impressive. So how to independently deal with this problem?

Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment

Face puperosis: external manifestations

To choose the right course of procedures, you need to make sure that this redness is really rosacea, and not something else. It is distinguished by the following features:

The appearance of "stars" - a lot of plexus vessels;
First of all, these specks may form on the nose or cheekbones;
As a rule, the changes have a bright (burgundy or red) color, which strongly distinguishes them against the background of the tone of the skin integument;
The size of the "star" can vary greatly.They are in diameter from half a millimeter to one millimeter. If the "asterisk" is already formed, then without the appropriate restoration procedures it will only grow.

To choose the right means to restore the skin, you need to know the causes of this defect.

If you do everything right, then very soon you will not have to cover up the "star" with a thick layer of foundation.

Couperosis on the face: causes

If you decide to take up the treatment of this problem, analyze your lifestyle. As a rule, it is in the conduct of an unhealthy lifestyle, and in irrational nutrition, the origins of the onset of illness. The second reason - congenital defects of the skin.

Kuperoz, as a congenital skin defect.

In this case, telangiectasia occurs as a result of hereditary diseases:

Weakened human immune system;
The thinned walls of blood vessels of the circulatory system, which often burst, and cause extensive bruising;
Tumors on small vessels of the circulatory system.

In specific cases, the elimination of the problem of rosacea is impossible. This defect disappears only when the disease is cured.Temporarily eliminate this disadvantage is possible only with regular visits to the beautician.

Couperosis, as an acquired defect.

Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment

In this situation, getting rid of rosacea on the face is not a problem. The main thing - to find out the reason for his appearance. It provokes the occurrence of vascular "stars" several factors:

Genetic predisposition to causeless formation of bruises and bruises. The walls of the vessels are so weak that a surge of pressure is enough, and the vessels burst;
Acne. This category includes rosacea;
Inflammation, swelling, or vascular immune insufficiency caused by vascular sclerosis;
Sudden jumps in temperature or atmospheric pressure;
Non-dosed exposure to UV rays. This applies to frequent tanning both in the open air and in the solarium;
Pathology of internal organs - liver and pancreas;
Diseases such as diabetes, inflammation of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, kidneys;
Pregnancy and lactation;
Exposure to alcohol and tobacco addiction;
Irrational and improper nutrition. The abundance of spicy, fatty, salty foods, drinks with a high content of gases or dyes;
Stress and exposure to strong emotional outbursts.In this case, the blood pressure changes dramatically, and the circulatory system simply does not withstand these differences.

As a rule, factors that cause couperose on the face are not single. This may be several reasons.

Therefore, the best in this situation - medical examination. The list of doctors passed must include:

Phlebologist. A doctor who determines the state of the blood vessels, patency, and the normal operation of the valves of the circulatory system;
Dermatologist. With this doctor you eliminate allergies and dermatitis;
Endocrinologist Identify the endocrine dependence of your illness on thyroid disease, etc .;
Neurologist. Identify possible failures of the nervous system that caused couperosis.

If you have a disease, then in the process of treatment, you can use folk remedies to get rid of rosacea. So the process will go faster, and you will soon get rid of vascular spots on the face.

Kuperoz on the face: recommendations for treatment

For the proper treatment of this ailment, in the first place, systematic and consistent care of the skin is necessary. To do this, follow the recommendations of experts:

Means of decorative and caring cosmetics should be selected taking into account that they do not contain too aggressive components that can cause more damage to the skin. For the period of recovery of the epidermis, refrain from the use of film masks, creams with a burning effect, alcohol-containing means, cosmetics, the components of which include honey, lemon, mint, aloe, eucalyptus, from masks of cosmetic clay;
At home, use only reliable, hypoallergenic agents for skin care;
Apply medical cosmetics to the lesion site should be light movements, without pressing and rubbing;
Wipe your face in the usual way after washing is impossible. Prepare a soft towel made of natural cloth, and soak the face;
Eliminate massage devices and tools that you use at home daily. It is better to contact a cosmetologist who will do it correctly, revitalizing and restoring the skin integument;
It is impossible at this time to do hot inhalation, and poultices;
Do not clean the face with special tools. Try not to do this even in the cabin;

Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment

During this period, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the consumption of cheeses, fermented milk, legumes, citrus fruits, confectionery (in particular, chocolate). Try not to eat liver (any) and tomatoes;
Refuse to visit saunas and tanning salons;
Take a complex of vitamins that restore normal vascular activity;
An excellent tool for the additional treatment of rosacea on the face is a mask, which contains collagen in large quantities;
Strengthen the walls of blood vessels to help exercise. In particular, visiting the swimming pool and jogging in the open air helps well.

From the above list of recommendations, we can conclude that the appearance on the skin very often directly depends on how a person treats their health. The main thing - do not postpone the solution to the problem in the backbox. Can not independently cope with the disease? Refer to the experts. They know exactly how and by what means you can help.

Couperosis on the face: treatment

After examining the patient, the dermatologist will prescribe a course of treatment. As a rule, these are traditional products that suit everyone:

Troxevasin ointment. This medicine has only natural ingredients, is hypoallergenic and acts as a cement to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Among the components of the agent are ascorbic acid and rutin. Troxevasin is also available in tablet form. Comprehensive application of the tool allows you to increase the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, to fill thin areas
Vitamins Ascorutin. This is a wonderful remedy for strengthening the walls of blood vessels. It contains the same ascorbic and vitamin P;
Preparations based on soy beans (isoflavones). With their help, toxins are released from the body, which accumulate in the cells of the tissues due to impaired blood flow;
In the composition of most drugs for the treatment of couperose is adrenaline. It is a good blood thinning agent that allows you to restore the normal functioning of small capillaries.

Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment

In beauty salons a whole complex of procedures has been developed for getting rid of rosacea:

Purification of the face (peeling) with the help of fruit acids. These drugs burn the upper layer of the skin, in which there are diseased capillaries. This procedure stimulates skin cells to actively divide.For some time, the cover is completely renewed, it becomes smooth and elastic. The walls of blood vessels are returned to tone, and for some time, the stars do not appear again. By means containing active fruit acids include fitting, almond with milk, glycolic peeling.
The most demanded and painless procedure is the treatment of asterisks with a laser. Its advantages are that the problem is left for several procedures. However, the problem is that the laser only removes the already formed stars, but does not radiate them, and does not prevent the appearance of new formations.

Under the action of a directed ray, the "torn" vessel is glued together and the asterisks disappear.

Treatment of couperose with an ozone cocktail involves injections under the skin. This method is applicable for those whose skin has long suffered from this problem. The asterisks of any size and complexity are removed by ozone therapy.
Sometimes cosmetologists recommend ultrasound procedures. However, this option is intended only for those who have minor skin lesions, and have appeared relatively recently.In the event that the problem is started, treatment in this way may become useless.

Most women use homemade cosmetics. No exception and the problem with rosacea. To do this, you do not need to buy expensive cosmetic creams, poultices and lotions, it is enough to follow one rule - to exclude the presence in the media of burning components:

Mustard powder;
Ginger in any form;
Luke, garlic;
Lemon and other citrus fruits;

Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment

As components for masks from couperose are the following:

Cool herbal compresses of decoctions of chamomile, medicinal, marigold, and St. John's wort flowers;
Fruit gruel from raspberry, sea buckthorn, banana;
Fresh vegetables puree - cucumbers, potatoes;
Masks from potato or cornstarch;
Rubbing the skin with ice from herbal decoctions.

Some types of essential vegetable oils are also used to treat couperose:

Thyme Ether;
Marjoram oil;
Essential concentrate of horse chestnut;
Oils of chamomile medicinal, rosemary, sage;
Extract from a walnut.

Home masks from couperose

One of the most effective remedies from a home kits for kuperozy is fruit vinegar. You can buy grape or apple in the store, or do it by hand.

This tool is used inside. On an empty stomach, this drug can not be drunk. It is better to take it to the extent specified in the recipe an hour after eating in the morning.

Fruit vinegar - 1 tsp;
Boiled water cooled to room temperature - 1 stack;
Honey - 2 tsp.

A bite removes redness of the skin, and makes them less noticeable. In addition, in the complex, use fruit vinegar in the form of a skin lotion at bedtime. Brew strong green tea, cool it to room temperature and for 6 parts of tea add 1 part vinegar.

In this case, you remove the upper, necrosis layer of scales, and stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells of the epidermis.

Another surprisingly cheap and effective remedy for rosacea is hydrogen peroxide. The effect of this drug is not aimed at treatment, but on the bleaching of spider veins. It is especially indicated for those who have oily skin. Only three per cent hydrogen peroxide can be used for the skin.Wadded disk soak in the solution, and apply to the place of damage for 10 minutes. This should be done in the evening, on clean skin. After that, apply the cream or ointment for rosacea to the affected area, which the doctor prescribed for you.

A wonderful remedy for the asterisks on the face is a scrub with Hercules, cooked at home. To do this, grind the oatmeal in a blender, add kefir or yogurt to it until it forms a slurry, and apply on clean skin with circular movements, gently rubbing the scrub over the face. Wash off with warm water.

Another option to scrub with oatmeal is to mix their flour with mashed raspberries, kaolin and boiled water. All components are mixed, and with water are adjusted to the desired consistency. The agent is applied according to the same schemes as for the first variant of scrub.