Conventional twine baskets

For fruits or sweets, you can make a basket with your own hands from ordinary twine.

For this we will need: 20-25 meters of 5-millimeter twine, scissors and a form (deep bowl, in which to weave).

We do as follows:

First you need to make 12 cuts of 65 cm each.

Then we place 11 ropes in the form of a cross. In this case, 5 ropes - horizontally and 6 vertically.

Twelfth rope secure in the middle. This will be the basket frame.

We start to weave. To do this, we fix the main in the middle.

Weave in a circle between the ropes of the frame. To make it easier to form a future basket, you can use any bowl and weave on it.

When the basket becomes the desired height, fix the main thread.

We also fasten the threads of the frame, wrapping each thread around the last two rows.

We turn in the direction inside the basket.

Everything, the basket is ready.