Complex equipment of educational institutions

The complex equipment of kindergartens is not just materials, techniques and objects surrounding a child - this is a whole world influencing his consciousness and world perception. For the development of a child, information is needed which is contained in our didactic materials or children's literature. The complex of our products with its content is the necessary foundation of knowledge for the little children. This foundation is further the basis of the "tower" of knowledge necessary for the full creation of personality from the baby.

In order to speed up this process, it is necessary for the child to create suitable conditions so that reading books and studying various literature bear fruit, it is necessary to equip the world around with pleasant attributes that are conducive to high-quality learning.

Comfortable conditions are not only in a convenient working or playing place of the baby, but also in a thousand trifles and objects in the visible space of the child.

Our team of professionals, for over fifteen years, has been involved in helping to equip children's educational institutions. Carefully selecting individual equipment options, the employees of Interdesign company take into account the needs of children and caregivers, paying attention to the specifics of the institution and the desires of customers.

Little children are very restless and active at their young age, it is understandable, because there is a desire to know the whole world, but the immature mind does not know where to stop. You ask - So why limit the active desire to know everything? - the answer will be millions of diploma works on child education and psychology - it will be much easier for your child to be given and assimilated information that will concentrate maximum of his attention on himself. How? It already depends on the individual desires of the parents or the direction of the educational institution.

This can be influenced by both furniture and wallpaper that attracts with its bright and interesting look, or it can be various toys or learning objects having a bright color to a whole interactive process.The complex equipment also includes various stands that carry the information component of education, which in various versions can serve as an information panel for both children and parents, and possibly carry the meaning of a business card of a kindergarten or school, it all depends on the customer’s imagination and desire to purchase a similar stand that will be executed with an individual design by our team.

What can we offer you?

Complex equipment of kindergartens and schools is a very laborious process for both the customer and the contractor and the selection of an individual order is a very painstaking work for our managers, since we want to find the best option for you at a good price.

So, we briefly describe what we produce, supply and equip in your kindergartens and schools:

  • Photowall-paper and wall-paper - a set of various photowall-paper with fantastic subject will be a basis of decoration of your room. Bright and not fading will create a good mood and unbridled desire to return to this room.
  • Learning posters are the most understandable method of learning and memorization based on visual perception, therefore bright and interesting posters with a lot of details and images will be interesting for a child who learns information.
  • Suits - where, after all, without them? After all, any children's matinee allows a child to become a fabulous hero or cartoon character and create his pleasant imprint in memory forever. A large variety of costumes allows you to play entire performances and scenes.
  • Sports equipment - is necessary to familiarize children with an active lifestyle, maybe your child is the next Olympic champion? So why limit the potential when it can be helped to open up.
  • Products for children's creativity - perhaps the child wants to develop along the creative path? Let's help him with it. Sets for drawings or personal creativity are exactly the sets that are necessary for simple and safe unleashing the potential of an artist or a sculptor.
  • The scenery is what is necessary for a bright matinee creating the surroundings and charm of the performance for both the children and their parents.
  • Banners are not only advertising signs located on billboards, but also bright original postcards for holidays, emphasizing the solemnity of the holiday, at least the new year, even on March 8
  • Soft modules are a great soft toy for young architects, allowing them to build their castles or houses. Excellent can act as furniture for kids
  • Visual aids and literature are the basis of the entire educational system. They occupy the main niche in the visual perception and training of the child.

Why do we do this?

We work exclusively to benefit the learning and development of young children.
After all, children are our future, these are future artists, actors of cinema and theater, musicians, various figures of science and culture. We are pleased to realize that we have made our contribution to the development of the younger generation, and we very much hope that they will do the same.

Therefore, we are constantly expanding our range of useful products, expanding the number of cities where our products can be purchased and provide all the necessary documentation.