Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces: an unusual attraction

Natalya Erofeevskaya November 28, 2017

Mutual attraction of oppositesindeed possible, and to that a vivid example is the relationship between Maiden and Pisces. Whether this connection is strong and long will depend on the experience of the partners, their wisdom, spiritual and intellectual development.

The combination of human qualities and values, the ability to listen, respect and learn each other contributes to the very favorable relationship between the Virgin and Pisces in any field. The indispensable conditions for the success of this union iscompromise, diplomacy and cooperation: this couple certainly needs a balance in the relationship. If such painstaking and almost constant work on oneself turns out to be beyond the strength of one of the partners, the union will cease to exist.

Compatibility table of Virgo and Pisces

In love In sex Married In friendship
High High Average Low

Compatibility Male-Virgo and Female-Fish: the pros and cons of relationships

Positive sidesThis alliance is to set realistic goals. This is just the case when together they can "turn mountains". If the couple did not find a common life peak that needs to be mastered, their life will either become passive and monotonous, or roll down the slope, driven by laziness. This is the most lazy plus unjustified stubbornness, perfectionism, pragmatism to pedantry -negative qualitiescharacteristic of both signs.

A comparison of the signs would be incomplete without taking into account the creative talents and analytical mindset of Virgo, magnificent intuition and the tempestuous emotions of Pisces.

Together, the man-Virgo and the woman-Fish will never be bored: the versatile compatibility of the pair is formed due to the many facets of their characters

Are they compatible in love?

If he is a Virgo, and she is Pisces, then their love is an extremely intimate and tranquil sphere of existence, which both hide from human eyes. Calm and caution, restraint and prudence will reign in this relationship.This romance mixed with its own feelings and organized only for two people, will be stronger with the years, and feelings will be stronger.

Stability in loveThis pair provides the reliability and practicality of Dev, as well as their ability to solve financial issues. Woman-Fish will contribute her mite to the love way with emotions, a creative approach to joint pastime and natural female weakness: next to her, the courageous Virgo will feel even stronger. Mutual comfort in this love union is provided.

Man-Virgo and girl-Fish in sex

Mutual comfort in this love union is provided!

Man-Virgo and Pisces girl in sex

Only externally Virgo is cold and clamped: the sensuality of the girl-fish will help to melt this ice. Together in bed they are capable of much, these two ardent natureswill be able to relax as much as possible: even the conservatism of the Virgin will not resist the attention and caresses of the partner. The change that has taken place in the man-Virgo is truly striking: where does his coldness and discretion go? A passionate macho lover, he will decide even on bright experiments that can deliver the abyss of pleasure to his beautiful sweetheart.The Pisces girl will bring all her emotional, tenderness and desire into sexual relations.

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

Marital relations between the virgin man and the woman of Piscescan not be called 100% successful. Despite the fact that each of them is well aware that the second half is waiting for the union, negative nuances in marriage are more than possible.

A charming woman-Pisces in the family brings ease of communication, pleasant surprises, imagination - it will attract several ponderous Virgo, in which his best qualities will awaken. Charm and tenderness of this woman is difficult to resist. But over time, on the stage of a long co-residencenegative qualities of both signs: too prudent, sometimes to a frank stinginess, the husband will never understand the tendency of the spouse to spend the family budget without thinking, and the flirtatious and cheerful wife is not always able to understand the spouse's desire to be alone.