Colchicine: instructions for use, indications, price


"Colchicine" is represented in the pharmaceutical industry in the form of tablets and solution for injections into the muscle with the same active ingredient. The drug belongs to the arthritis.


Upon oral administration of colchicine, the active ingredients are rapidly absorbed into the blood from the gastric tract. Its maximum in the blood plasma reaches after 70 minutes. The drug quickly disperses in tissues and organs. Most substances are observed in the liver, spleen, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. The splitting of the dose occurs in the liver. Most of the metabolites leave the body with bile.


Colchicine tablets are widely used in the treatment of gout, Mediterranean fever, gouty arthritis, chondrocalcinosis, amyloidosis, scleroderma. Often, otolaryngologists and dentists use medication in diagnosing inflammatory diseases in their patients.


Since the substances of the drug enter the gastrointestinal tract, they are capable of making negative changes in the operation of this system. That is why doctors try not to prescribe colchicine to people with serious diseases of the digestive system. Also exclude the drug in neutropenia, alcoholism, bone marrow pathology, kidney and liver diseases. Negative effect of the drug on the body of those people who have purulent infections. With caution apply "Colchicine" in relation to the elderly.

Mode of application

The frequency of administration and the number of Kohitsin tablets depends on the nature of the disease and the dynamics of its course. For example, to remove the inflammatory process for gout on the first day of treatment, doctors advise drinking 1 tablet three times a day; The following days, patients should take the same number of tablets, but only 2 times a day. Next, the patient is transferred to maintenance therapy, setting a single dose of the drug in the amount of 1 mg.

For the prevention of gout, people are recommended to take 1 tablet of colchicine in the evening for 90 days.The duration of therapy may be even longer, for example, with amyloidosis, the treatment lasts for 5 years.

Side effects

The drug may inhibit the work of the digestive tract. Many patients complain of lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the pancreas. Sometimes there is neuropathy, depression, anemia, allergies, tissue necrosis, myopathy, malfunctioning of the kidneys, temporary hair loss.

Cost and analogues

"Colchicine" is not easy enough to find in retail pharmacies, besides, its cost will not be affordable for everyone. The price of packaging varies from 800-1500 rubles. You can replace this drug with its counterparts, which include Kolkhikum-Dispert, Kolkhimin and Kolkhitsein.