Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber celebrate 19 years from the wedding day

In Hollywood, you can’t find a second one that is as strong — and, importantly, a couple in love — like Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber. On the eve of the couple celebrated another anniversary - 19 years from the date of the wedding - and in honor of this event exchanged photos and congratulations on Instagram.

“I'm already 19 years old with this guy! - Cindy left a touching message in her account. - Heaven blessed me to be your wife. Thank you for tolerating me. ” Signed supermodel accompanied photo, which dissolves in the arms of her husband. He, in turn, posted an archived “wet” snapshot from the day of the marriage, signing: “I knew from the very beginning that our wedding would end in the pool. Happy anniversary! ”

Cheers to 19 years with this guy! Happy anniversary! So blessed to have you as my husband. Thanks for putting up with me @RandeGerber! 😘

Publication from Cindy Crawford (@cindycrawford)May 29 2017 at 8:15 pdt

Happy Anniversary @cindycrawford.