Cher spoke about the novel with Tom Cruise

Sofia Garbovskaya September 21, 2018

In the nomination “Celebrities that are hard to imagine together,” so far Tom Cruise and Cher won with a margin. The other day the 72-year-old singer unexpectedly told the Daily Mail about her acquaintance and the subsequent romance with Tom, who at that time was a rising star.

"For the first time we met in 1985 at the wedding of Madonna and Sean Penn in Malibu, but did not pay much attention to each other. He was 23, and I'm 39. Everything changed after reception at Ronald Reagan in the White House, which was devoted to dyslexia. I was so surprised when I found out that Tom was suffering from her too! We both gave a speech that day, and, of course, at the reception itself there was nothing between us, but we felt an acute connection. And soon they started dating, ”Cher remembered. Moreover, according to her, Tom is in the top 5 of her former lovers.

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What caused the gap after a year? Yes, the same as always: the religious beliefs of Cruise.“All these things are associated with Scientology ... Not mine. I can’t understand this and could never, and I don’t like it, ”Cher admitted. For the rest, he and Tom broke up friends. “I’m not meeting anyone this week, I'm still searching. The problem that is typical for all of my relationships - I can not calmly go anywhere with them, "Cher complained last. - I know that every step I take is monitored, every photo gets on the social network. It has become very difficult to hide privacy from outsiders. ”