Gentle Napoleon Cake

Delicate Napoleon Cakeis a recipe for cake.


  1. chicken eggs 5 pcs;
  2. butter 220 gr + 200 gr;
  3. 700 gr flour + 4 tbsp. l.;
  4. salt 3/4 tsp;
  5. cow's milk 1 l;
  6. sugar 400g;
  7. vanilla 1 pack;
  8. bitter chocolate (for decoration) 30 g;
  9. coconut flakes (for decoration) 30 gr.


Sift flour. Add the softened butter 220 c. Hands chop everything into a crumb. Fork 1 egg with salt and add so much water to make 250 ml.

Combine flour with butter and a mixture of eggs and water. Knead a loose, elastic dough that should not stick to your hands. Cover the dough with a wrap or towel and let rest 30 minutes. The dough will be more flexible.

Divide the dough into 10-13 parts, roll each part into a ball, cover with a towel. Thin roll the balls. Put a round pattern on the rolled flat cake, for example, the bottom of the baking dish, and cut off the protruding parts.  It is better to perform pruning on baking paper, so as not to deform the cake. We prick with a fork. You can also cut the cakes after baking.

We bake at a temperature of 2000C for about 4 minutes until the cake turns brown a little. Finished cakes are laid on each other.

Making a Cream

4 eggs combine with sugar and flour (4 tbsp. L). Beat whisk until smooth. Gradually add warm milk, kneading well with a whisk. Cook the cream, stirring constantly, so as not to burn and form lumps, on medium heat until thick. Remove the prepared mass from the fire, cool it. Soft butter (200 g) whisk, gradually adding custard to it, continue to whisk until the whole cream is combined with the oil.

Cakes are richly coated with cream. Each cake is well pressed with the hand to the previous one. Decorate as desired. You can, for example, just sprinkle the cake with crumbs, breaking 1 cake. In this master class we sprinkle the edges with coconut chips, and from the melted chocolate we make fir-trees.

Gentle Napoleon Cakeis ready.