Bench for toys

Once, my four-year-old daughter, sitting on a bench in the park, asked me to make the same for her toys. I promised to repeat not only the shape, but also the color of the design. I thought for a long time over the choice of material. At first I wanted to take wire and twigs from the trees. But it would have turned out quite unlikely odd job. Then I decided to make everything from thick cardboard from the box for packing goods. To work, you need to find the following components: - a piece of very thick cardboard (from the box); - colored paper (dark brown and black colors); - scissors; - three wooden skewers for products; - a tube of PVA glue; - a photo of a bench. For first you need to decide on the size of a photo benches. My finished product turned out to be of such sizes: the height of the bench with the back is 12 cm, without the back is 6 cm, the width of the boards is 15 cm, and the width of the handicraft is 7 cm. Then you need to cut out all the necessary details from cardboard. These are: two side details (12 cm by 8 cm); 8-10 stripes 15 cm long and only 1 cm wide. Plus cut three wooden skewers so thatso that their length is about 12.5 cm.
 cut from thick cardboard
Wrap side details with black colored paper, on both sides. And wrap each stripe (dostochku) in a sheet of dark brown color. Let the glue dry completely to make it more durable. To extend the life of the product, you can also wrap it with scotch tape.
 paste the details
Now you should start assembling the details. Take the wooden sticks and fasten them on one of the side pieces. For this, you need to make three shallow holes on the workpiece (so that they do not pass through). Pour glue into them and put the sticks in those places in a vertical position.
 proceed to the assembly of parts
As soon as the glue dries, turn over the work and then do the same with the second side part. Try to keep the blanks straight and parallel to each other.
 shop assembly
This is the skeleton.
 shop build

Now you need to stick dostochki on the bench.Glue the edges of the black blanks with glue and apply brown stripes at some distance. Bottom 4 are placed below.
shop assembly
Next, turn the workpiece over and glue 4 more stripes to the top edge.
build shops
As soon as the glue dries on the entire product, turn the craft over and check the bench for strength. For this you need to shake a little and pull the details. When my daughter saw the lacquer, she said only one phrase, which pushed my self-esteem: “Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted.” She instantly spread her toys and started a fascinating game.
toy bench
 bench for toys