Beautiful and comfortable knitted winter dresses (25 photos)

The dress was invented so that the girl could be transformed at any time. Just think in the wardrobe of men and women, a lot of the same things: shirts, pants, sweaters. But to wear dresses is a privilege exclusively for women. Therefore, use this and wear dresses at any time of the year.

Knitted winter dresses are created in order to decorate our life in the cold season. It does not matter what material the dress is made in — the main thing is that in it every girl feels feminine and desirable.

Knitted dress, of course, decorate any shape. It can be openwork or vice versa coarse. It all depends on taste.

Why choose them

In the winter, when there is no possibility to wear open and even frank things, we as luck would like to do it madly. But to neglect your health is definitely not worth it, so winter clothes should be, or how much fashionable, how much warm and comfortable.

In such clothes you will never freeze, in it you are able to calmly move and even skate (if you really want to). The dress does not hang, but simply repeats the curves of the figure.If the dress is made of natural thread then you are lucky in double: you have a beautiful thing that keeps the heat.


In the upcoming fashionable 2013, and in principle in the last couple of years the most relevant, winter color range is pastel or non-irritating, cold colors. In winter, acidic shades do not look very nice: lime, yellow, pink. Neon colors are best left for spring and summer. And in the winter there’s no need to dazzle people with flashy dresses.

Among the huge number of colors you should choose: gray, black, brown, blue, maroon. If you want to attract the looks of people, then wear knitted dresses of white or red.

Also, in order to dilute the calm colors, you can choose dresses in stripes or with bizarre ornament. With the winter associated with snowmen, snowflakes, snow, deer, sled, well, Santa Claus. All this can be present at you in the form of a decor. By the way, folk ornaments will also be popular.

What should be knitting?

Highlight special trends difficult. Since the choice of patterns is simply colossal. The only pattern that has now passed its position is the pigtail. They can be connected by three different threads, be openwork and light.On most models will be present gum. It is permissible that the mating was dense, such a dress would look more coarse, but at the same time it would hide the extra kilos better.

Dresses with geometric inserts will look good. It is also possible that the dress was connected not by one pattern, but three or four different ones were used. This dress will look more interesting.


Designers have tried as it should, so we can wear different models of warm dresses. Popular models will be without a massive collar, they look simpler and less associated with winter. Such winter dresses can be safely worn for parties and holidays.

In general, the collar in a winter dress often acts as the main object for design. In 2013, large, voluminous collars, which are a combination of a collar and a scarf, will be fashionable.

Winter dresses can have sleeves of various forms. The absence of sleeves on the dress in the cold season looks a bit strange, but this gives a highlight to the dress. Wear a thin sweater under the dress and you will get a stylish look. Knitted without sleeves allows you to experiment with flowers and textures.

You can also get yourself a dress with short sleeves or a bat.Neither and the classic long sleeve will be a real decoration.


No need to think that a knitted dress is suitable only for walking on the street and going to work. It can be very stylish. A short knit dress can be put on a disco, complemented with the appropriate accessories. Such options can be saturated colors, only with this binding must be dense.

A short


More solemnly looks like a long version. It is great for a stylized party or visiting an exhibition or theater. Behind a long one it's more difficult to look after, but it also looks very unusual.


All are accustomed to the fact that the dress must be sewn from thin fabrics. However, now is not the time to live stereotypes.

Knitwear is the most popular material for making winter dresses. Everyone knows about his positive qualities, so you should certainly have a couple of such options.

What to wear?

They are very "friendly" with boots, boots and ugami. It all depends on the model. If it is classic, then choose shoes with heels. If it is a free cut, then wear ugg boots or boots without heels.To him calm color you can wear bright shoes.

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