Autumn leaves application

Applique from autumn leaves - an excellent find for an exhibition of children's creativity or interior design. Leaf applications on the subject of autumn become more accessible if you can look at a sample or use patterns during the work.

When the finished picture is not yet available, you can use photographs as a sample.

Applications from leaves for children

Applications from leaves for children

The most urgent and attractive topic for children's applications will probably be the autumn forest and its inhabitants.

The autumn forest and its inhabitants will become the most relevant and attractive theme for applications.

Perhaps the most favorite character in autumn crafts is the hedgehog. Even a hedgehog's face can be made from leaves.


For gluing leaves it is convenient to use polymeric prose achny glue, but will suit any office glue and PVA. Before work, the leaves must be dried well under pressure so that they do not crumble after gluing.