Angelina Jolie takes a bath with children

Methods of educating stellar moms are often criticized. Milo Kunis is condemned for allowing her three-year-old daughter to drink wine, Charlize Theron - because she dresses her son in a girl, and Victoria Beckham - for kissing her daughter's lips ... Angelina Jolie, of course, also has something to surprise the devotees traditional school of education.

Mother of many children admitted in an interview with Hello! UK that tries to avoid loneliness. "I can be referred to that category of mothers who do not need rest. “People’s advice about how I need to relax infuriates me,” Angelina shared. “I think many mothers cannot find a single free minute to rest, but they find some special pleasure in this.” I even take a bath with the children, some of them always splash next to me until I finish.