Agata Mutseniece: “I am Priluchnaya on my passport”

TNT continues its new comedy series, Civil Marriage. This is a story about the classic representatives of the generation Y: they do not want to grow up, they are a bit naive and not ready to die for the sake of money and material values. They value comfort and do what they like. But they have to face the situation through which everyone passed - life together.

The leading actress Agatha Muceniece told who her heroine Nick looked like, how her husband Pavel Priluchny reacted to the series’s romantic scenes and why her partner in “Civil marriage” Denis Kukoyaka was embarrassed.

Photo: TNT

“Civil marriage” is primarily a lyrical-romantic story. When working on your character you were repelled by some images and types, perhaps from Western films and TV shows?

Jennifer Aniston in the TV series “Friends”, but, of course, adapted for me (laughs). I myself really like Friends, it seems to me that the actors play the sitcom very correctly in it.American TV shows are so cool that the genre is very much felt in them. In the process of preparation I watched a lot of comedy serials of the Western ones, watched the emotions of the characters, learned to present them correctly. That is, quarrels should not look like teledram on the channel "Russia". By the way, in many situations, Denis Kukoyak was rescued by the absence of acting education.

With Pavel Priluchnyi, you once married in secret. Why?

It was already five years ago! (Laughs.) At that time we filmed together in the TV series “Closed School”, played a couple and began to meet off-screen - journalists attacked us, began to inflate this topic, which we did not want at all. And we got married quietly, and a year later they told everyone.

Have you left your last name or have you taken your husband's last name?

My maiden name Muceniece remained my creative pseudonym, and on the passport I am Priluchnaya.

Photo: TNT

Returning to the theme of the series, how did you work together with Denis Kukoyak? After all, there were a lot of romantic moments and bed scenes ... Or was it avoided?

No, they were, it was impossible to avoid, they just took on a more modest appearance, because I was pregnant (laughs).

But were these scenes difficult for you? Usually it's not easy for actors to participate in them.

It’s hard for me and Denis (laughs). And Denis is married, and I have a family. Plus, the fact that Denis was not a professional actor was superimposed and he was very embarrassed in scenes with kisses, but I was embarrassed because of him (laughs).

Photo: TNT

In one of the interviews, your spouse Pavel Priluchny said that you are not jealous and sometimes it even hurts him. Were you jealous about it during filming?

Pasha is generally very jealous, literally jealous of each pillar! For him, every reason is an OCCASION! Even when they showed a piece of the show at the presentation of the new season of TNT, and there were episodes with kisses, he was offended at me and didn’t talk later.

Did Pavel attend the filming of "Civil Marriage"?

No, he was filming a new project in Kaliningrad and therefore could not get there. And thank God! I think he is waiting for a few surprises on the screen (laughs).

Not only the fashion world, but also the acting profession involves a lot of travel and travel, would there have been in Siberia?

I was in Novosibirsk, where Pasha was from, with his friends, but I still couldn’t travel all over Siberia.But soon we are planning an entrepreneurial performance, and I will also visit Siberia. I liked the Siberians very much - they are so open, cool, or maybe Pasha has such friends (laughs). I was also surprised by the moment that everyone is wearing fur coats. We came to a restaurant, and one I was in a down jacket.

We often have minus 40!

Got it! Of course, I looked unprepared in my puhovichka (laughs).