Accessories for alcohol: play roulette, cool with stones

Ivan Orlov
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Accessories for alcohol: play roulette, cool with stones

In life, you can imagine a lot of reasons to give a gift. However, you don�t want to buy something standard and ordinary, and you have to look for cool and unusual presents in the subject online stores.

Playing drunk roulette

An interesting variant of the souvenir will be such an exciting game as a drunk roulette. Gaming roulette is an exact copy of the equipment from the casino. And then there are sixteen piles.

If you are interested in the rules of the game of drunk roulette, then they may be different. The simplest option is a game like a casino, but the winnings here will not be chips, but the contents of the glasses. During the game, stacks can be filled with different drinks, including compote and tea, or you can pour vodka into one of the glasses, and water into the other glasses. The rules can be varied as you and your guests.Drunk roulette is the best entertainment for a large company, which will immediately help to make friends and find a common language.

Such tabletop alcoholic fun will surely amuse the cheerful company and diversify any party. The price for it is quite reasonable, and the universal pleasure guaranteed.

Cool drink whiskey stones

If you want to buy an impressive souvenir in Moscow, it makes sense to learn about the stones for whiskey. They are not only an important part of the image, but also used for real cooling of your favorite drink. Stone cubes of steatite provide the optimum temperature for whiskey and help you get the most pleasure.

Quality whiskey stones are better than ice. They look very impressive and will be an excellent gift for a loved one, friend, colleague, boss, friend. Pebbles will reveal the taste of whiskey for its owner and make this magic drink much more multifaceted.

Traditionally, whiskey is drunk in special glasses with a thick bottom. And it�s not ice that is put on the bottom, but gray pebbles from specially polished steatite. It is believed that this Irish drink with water can never be diluted. The exception here will be only Scotch whiskey from the barrel.

In order to really enjoy the whiskey, it is necessary to drink this great drink strictly according to the rules, that is, without ice, without coke and without diluting with water. Observe the rules will help special stones that are simply necessary for all true lovers and connoisseurs of whiskey. The taste of the drink depends not only on the price, but also on the temperature.