A year of living together: what to give?

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A year of living together: what to give?

For many couples, a year of living together or a relationship is a real treat. For this reason, they are trying to please each other with unusual gifts, although it is not so simple. Below you can learn a few ideas about what to give for a year of living together.

What to give a woman?

It is difficult to make a gift to a beloved woman in connection with the anniversary of a relationship or a wedding, as all the ladies expect something completely unusual and necessarily romantic from their chosen one. In this case, you can arrange dinner, but not in a restaurant or cafe, as this is trivial: it is better to do it on the roof of a skyscraper. Of course, such a gesture would be expensive, but you only imagine how pleased your chosen one will be. She will be just in heaven with happiness and wonder.

Arranging dinner at a skyscraper, and take care of musical accompaniment. It is best to invite a violinist who will delight your ear with immortal works.After dinner, you can dance and admire the starry sky, and maybe you will meet the dawn.

Reflecting on the fact that give a woman a year of relationship, pay attention to the flowers. This may seem ordinary to some, but after all, masters from flower shops can create a real masterpiece of buds that your lover will definitely like. For example, in a bouquet, you can lay out her name, phrase, anniversary, and so on. In addition, you can create an original will be in the form of an animal or object. The choice depends only on your imagination.

Any woman will be delighted with jewelry. In this casegiftIt is possible to present to the wife not only a ring, but also a chain with a pendant on which the inscription or date should be engraved. You can buy a pendant in which the picture is placed: so you will always be with her. If funds allow, then buy a darling set of earrings, rings and pendants. She will be delighted with such a gift.

A bouquet of sweets can also be a memorable gift, because women love sweets very much. And thanks to the skill of confectioners, it can be turned into a real work of art.You can also buy a huge chocolate rabbit and give it to your beloved, she will be delighted.

What to give a man?

Choosing a gift for a man on a wedding anniversary is no less difficult than for a woman. Here you need to think over everything well, so that the gift really pleases.

First of all, you should remember about his hobby. If he is crazy about cars, give him a cool radio tape recorder, like fishing - fishing rod and echo sounder will be very useful. If the spouse is an avid music lover, present him a collector's edition of his favorite performer or group disks. If he collects drinks, give him expensive wine or brandy. He will keep such a gift for a long time and be proud that his chosen one supports his passion.

At 1 year of marriage a man can give a dance. Take a few striptease lessonsgiftor belly dance. He could not even dream of this, and you will fulfill his secret desire. Of course, before a surprise arrange him a royal dinner. You can do this at home, and it is better to rent a hotel room. So, you change the situation and you can breathe something new into your relationship.

Give a man a collage of joint photos.You can make one that tells the story of your relationship. If you do not know how to use photo editors, then you can entrust the creation of a collage photo workshop. Such an unusual gift will tell the chosen one about your love and the value of the relationship for both.

If you like to travel, then a perfect gift for both of you will be a trip to an exotic country. You will have a great rest and spend time together in a romantic atmosphere. It will bring you closer and strengthen the relationship.

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What is better not to give a 1 year relationship?

There are gifts that are better not to give a wedding anniversary. These include perfume and cosmetics. After all, as a rule, they are often presented on 8perfumeMarch, Defender of the Fatherland Day. They are too trivial and are unlikely to bring joy to the partner.

In addition, you should abandon household items. Of course, they are needed, but the same vacuum cleaner or kettle is designed for family use, and not for a specific person. It is also not necessary to give toys from the sex shop, if you are not 100% sure that your second half will like it.