A diet that cheers up

The secret is simple - you just need to include in your daily menu products enriched with selenium, chromium, vitamins, especially group B, as well as fatty acids (omega 3).

This trace element helps in the production of serotonin in the body, a hormone that gives us a feeling of happiness! A large amount of these fatty acids is found in marine fish, pumpkin seeds, linseed oil, walnuts.

Chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Most of all chromium is found in nuts, dates, dairy products, tomatoes, broccoli, corn.

Selenium, a recognized antidepressant, helps avoid fatigue and irritation. It is found in garlic, nuts, cereals (most in buckwheat and oats), in bran.

Vitamins of group B, in particular B9 and B12, are involved in metabolic processes and help normalize the functioning of the nervous system. These vitamins are contained in fermented milk products, beef, greens, legumes.

Go to this power system is quite simple. Dress up salads with linseed oil, have a snack on pumpkin seeds and nuts, eat boiled meat and fish, drink kefir in the evening.

Many of the above foods are high in calories, so include them in your diet with great care.

And of course, you should abandon the salty, fatty, spicy, sugar (you can replace it with honey). It is not recommended to drink alcohol.