7 good reasons to try blindfolded sex

When you do not see, you feel stronger

Imagine that at the moment when one sense organ is disconnected, all others start working harder. Play on this effect of contact with closed eyes, creating a special atmosphere, connecting to the game tactilely pleasant fabrics that enhance sexual attraction products (chocolate, oysters, champagne) and smells that will awaken new sensations in you.

Eyepatch is the key to female orgasm

If you believe the results of tests of scientists, then the blindfold is more likely a female than a male accessory in bed. In some men, the inability to see provokes a drop in arousal, and on women it acts exactly the opposite, allowing them to relax more effectively, focus on the sensations of their body and give vent to fantasies.

7 good reasons to try blindfolded sex

Closed eyes require trust partner

Sex therapists scream shouting that blindfolded sex is like a relationship vitamin.And not only for long-playing couples who thought their sex life had become dull, but also for newly lovers who want to better feel each other in sex and work on trust in intimate matters.

Prelude, which you could only dream

Traditional penetration sex is far from the only opportunity to enjoy together. When you one day do not want to repeat a set of positions memorized by heart, ask your partner to focus exclusively on caresses and touches. An important condition: one of you or both of you blindfolded to reinforce the impression.

Blindfolded sex is just one, two, three

There is no easier and quicker preparation of a way to make a partner a sexual surprise than blindfold sex. You will need only a piece of fabric that will depict a blindfold, as well as a considerable amount of patience, not to tell about your plans in advance and not to spoil such a seductive surprise.

7 good reasons to try blindfolded sex

The first step has been taken, and further discoveries will only be more exciting.

And if you still decide to spend money on accessories from the sex shop and come to the preparationin all seriousness, a separate brave new world will open up to you: silk and lace bandages, feathers “tickling”, cooling and warming gels, cleverly cut erotic lingerie ... Consider that with blindfold everything is interesting only begins

When his eyes are closed, everything is under your control.

Magazines like to give advice about “swapping roles in bed”, but in practice it’s not so easy to come up with a script on how to accomplish this. Until you try blindfolded sex with the condition that he puts on a bandage, and you take the initiative to seduce into your own hands.