60-year-old Melanie Griffith flashed her nipples on the carpet

The actress has long been out of the age of "naked" dresses, but still continues to shock the audience with her naked body.

Melanie Griffith was not shy about being naked in a movie, while still a very young woman. However, she does not want to part with the image of a sex bomb even after 60. The other day the star was seen on the red carpet of the annual film award of the CineFashion Film Awards in a shocking “naked” outfit.

For the release, Melanie chose a translucent lace dress in a floor with a slit at the hem and a seductive neckline. The star decided to slightly raise the degree of sexuality and completely abandoned her underwear. Neither the bra, nor the silicone cups, nor even the stickers on the nipples - none of the above was on it.

And because anyone could see the charms of the actress in the smallest details. To be honest, at 60, Melanie Griffith looks stunning and still boasts a gorgeous body. It is not surprising that she happily demonstrates to the public a beautiful taut chest.Another thing is that "naked" dresses and nipples for show have long ceased to be a trend.