10 light hairstyles for short hair every day

With a simple hairstyle, you can get a completely new look! Many believe that a beautiful hairstyle can be done only on long hair. Let's look at examples of 10 light hairstyles that look great on short shoulder-length hair! They are done in a matter of minutes.

Straight hair with volume

To straight hair have been neatly laid, you should divide them into two parts. Straightening needs to start from the bottom. A small scorched top strand will give the desired volume without varnish.

Braided into loose hair

Make an indirect parting. From the side where the hair is bigger, take a small strand, as in the photo, and start to weave a braid, connecting it with a part of the hair left in front. At the end, secure the end of the pigtail with a transparent rubber band to the inside of the hair strand to hide it.

Half-neat haircut

This is a simple hairstyle for every day, which can be updated with the original hair clip.Collect the top strand, leaving the main part of the hair loose, make a small tail.

Hairstyle "two bunches"

This is quite an interesting version of the usual beam. The hair is split in half, with about a third of the hair being drawn from each part, which is twisted into a bun. To fix the hairstyle you need transparent rubber bands and invisible.

Voluminous tail

On short hair, the usual tail looks rare. Apply a varnish on the hair, then make a small nachy - this will help to turn a normal tail on short hair into a voluminous one.

Hairstyle "shaggy beam"

Another simple hairstyle for every day, which is familiar to many. To keep the hairstyle better, fasten it with two rubber bands and invisible ones. Do not worry if the short hair will stick out - this haircut will only benefit.

Shaggy tail

Gather the hair in a high tail, and then additionally ruffle the hairstyle with your hands, making it slightly tousled and lively.

Curly hair without a curling rod

This hairstyle should be done at night after washing your hair. Wet hair should be combed. Then you need to braid two ordinary woven braids.After that, go to sleep.

In the morning, gently disengage the braids, combing the hair only with your fingers.

You can add elegance to the image if you braid a small braid from the side, the edge of which you hide under the flowing hair with a transparent elastic band or invisible hair.

Bundle on top

Hairstyle looks spectacular on curly hair. Gather a strand of hair on top, twist into a bun, fasten with a simple thin elastic band. Hair remains loose and at the same time do not interfere.