10 exciting books based on real events

Among the multitude of books there are those based on real events. And some works are really fascinating and make you think.

Top 10 most interesting books based on real events:

  1. "Shantaram", Gregory David Roberts. This is a story about a man who was practically in the abyss, but was able to get out of it and survive. The main character after a divorce from his wife was deprived of parental rights. He began to use drugs and committed several robberies, for which he was sentenced by an Australian court to 19 years in prison. But already in the second year of serving his term, he managed to escape to Bombay, where he was given another name for Shantaram, which translates as "peaceful man." In the new place, he finds many friends and again begins to engage in illegal business, for which he is sent to prison with appalling conditions. But Shantaram managed to get out of this mess. One by one he loses friends who have become close to him.Then he and a few more people go with the medicines and weapons to Afghanistan to the Mujahideen. But from there the hero manages to return.
  2. Billy Milligan's Multiple Minds, Daniel Keyes. Although this amazing story is amazing, it is based on real events. The main character suffers from a rare mental disorder - multiple personality syndrome. In his body, 24 completely different personalities exist and get along, among which there are men and women, people with criminal inclinations and even children. And they are all fighting for the right to own the body. The hero cannot control his actions and suffers greatly from this, like everyone around him. Nature joked about him, and readers are given the opportunity to closely monitor such a kind of experiment, to be surprised and amazed.
  3. "American tragedy", Theodore Dreiser. The plot of the book is based on a murder that occurred in 1906. Chester Gillet killed his girlfriend Grace Brown. The first part of the work describes in detail the life of the main character Clyde Griffiths, his childhood and teenage years. The second part is dedicated to the murder of the girl Clyde Roberta Alden, whom the hero does not love, but is forced to marry in the future because of her pregnancy.The author describes in detail the thoughts of the hero when he only plans to kill, and then commits it. The third part is the investigation and the court, after which Clyde is found guilty and sent to prison. In conclusion, the hero rethinks and understands many things. But it's too late to change anything.
  4. "Up the stairs going down", Bel Kaufman. The heroine of the book is a simple teacher who comes to school and begins to teach English literature. She is trying in every way to interest students, but they are completely indifferent. In addition, the rest of the teachers are also indifferent to the life of the school, which sluggishly proceeds according to bureaucratic and long obsolete rules. But the teacher decides to change this little world and the thoughts of those who live in it. The special atmosphere of the book is ensured by the fact that it contains many passages from school essays, documents, letters and notes. All this is intertwined with the thoughts of the heroine herself and shows that much can be changed if you really want to and hear the pleas for the help of those who need it.
  5. "Zodiac", Robert Graysmith. The author of the book is a journalist who conducted his own investigation of a series of murders.The zodiac is the nickname of the killer maniac who for a long time kept literally all of America and brutally murdered between 1966 and 1981. This terrible person not only brutally cracked down on his victims, but also sent letters and large print publications to the police in which he described his crimes and reported that new, even more sophisticated ones would soon be committed. This man was incredibly inventive and clever, knew the encryption codes, and presumably was a naval officer. But no one can understand his motives, because they didn’t manage to catch this maniac.
  6. “Bury me behind a plinth”, Pavel Sanaev. This is an autobiographical story of the author, which tells about his childhood. As an eight-year-old boy, he was raised by his grandmother, who considered her daughter dissolute and unable to raise a real person from her son. A woman is a real tyrant. She seeks to feel its importance by suppressing all others: daughter, husband and grandson. The grandmother teaches her grandson to hate the mother, and at some point her arguments with her daughter turn into a real fight for the boy. And in all this the child has to exist and literally survive.
  7. “White on Black”, Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego. This writer from Madrid, who has Russian roots and is the grandson of the general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party, knows no one else what communist principles and moral norms are. By the way, the work “White on Black” became his debut and is an autobiography. The novel tells about the difficult life of children with disabilities in the orphanages of the Soviet Union (Gonzalez Gallego spent his childhood in the USSR). Some details are described so realistic that it can become scary. But the author did everything so that the reader was not terrified, but understood that all difficulties were surmountable. Even in the most terrible things, Ruben David finds positive sides and literally permeates them with humor. That is why some of the book may seem easy and funny, but in fact it paints the reality of the world with its cruelty and fears.
  8. "Interrupted Life" by Suzanne Keysen. This book is an autobiography of a former patient of a psychiatric clinic, who fell into a completely different world where other laws operate. The life of the heroine is literally interrupted, and in part contribute to this event, taking place in the ever-changing world of the late 60s of the last century.Once alone with herself, she was able to consider and rethink a lot. And the reader will be able to thoroughly and thoroughly examine the most real and reliable description of the madness and the reasons that led to it. Common sense and reality border and are closely associated with another, non-existent world. By the way, the book was filmed, and Angelina Jolie played a major role in the film.
  9. "On the sunny side of the street", Dina Rubina. The novel describes sunny Tashkent, which the author remembers. The reader will literally feel the rays of the sun of this city and completely and completely immerse in his boiling life. And in this life there is almost everything: alcoholics, Russian noblemen, drug addicts, urban madmen, exiles and prisoners serving time. And in the novel, passion, love, crime, talent and much more are closely connected and intertwined. The reader will definitely be interested, because the book is so bright and lively that it will not leave anyone indifferent!
  10. “I, my friends and heroin”, by Christiane Felscherinow. This is a detailed description of the real life of the author. When Christians were 12 years old, she first felt the effects of light drugs.And at 13 the girl could not live a day without heroin. In the afternoon, she, like all her peers, went to school, and in the evening led a completely different life: dirty, depraved and terrible. She traded herself to earn a dose, stole and robbed to somehow survive. Surprisingly, Christiane managed to finish school and even learn from the seller. The author describes in detail his path from the very "bottom" to normal life. She says she can make other people like her addicted to drugs and sink to the very bottom. Now Christiane is 39, and her book is popular and translated into several languages.

These were the most interesting books, based on real events.

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